A guide to buying land in Kenya

There are many guides to buying land in Kenya. If you are planning to build a hotel or a development or want to put up your own cattle farm, you need to have the land surveyed beforehand. The survey is like a permission to explore the land and take necessary action. Buying land without getting the proper survey will make you accountable to your project’s budget as well as that of your neighbors. However, when you buy land from someone who has had his survey, you have full rights on it and there is no reason to rush your project.

To start with a guide to buying land in Kenya, you need to find a local agent who is experienced and reputable. Then you need to find out if the agent is properly equipped to help you with the legal aspects of buying land. You should also find out if he has good contacts in the business community in the area where you want your land to be built.

Land surveyors in Kenya are mostly self-employed and work as independent contractors. The typical land surveyor’s job is to prepare maps of the area where you want to build and make other types of landscape surveys. They are also responsible for inspecting building sites and looking into whether the site is fit for construction. In addition to that they are also responsible for liaising with local officials and preparing technical reports.

Good land surveyors usually belong to a professional association such as the Kenya Society of Surveyors or KPSS. Such organizations keep strict standards and ethical guidelines in their operations. The KPSS concentrates on maintaining safety and environmental cleanliness throughout the operations of its surveyors. It also tries to educate its members on surveying and buying land. Many Kenyans have become very familiar with the services of KPSS members-the standing commission members of the Kenya Society of Surveyors.

A guide to buying land in Kenya should take an interest in the background of any land that he is considering buying in the country. In order to do so he must get all the information that he needs from government agencies such as the Ministry of Local Government and the Department of Land and Community Development. These departments will give you the latest information regarding how the land was acquired, who acquired it, and for how long. They will also tell you what formal and informal agreements were signed concerning the land.

Before deciding where to buy land in Kenya one must understand how the legal system works in the country. A guide to buying land in Kenya must also have basic knowledge of how the local courts decide cases and settle properties. He must therefore be willing to spend time going to court and appearing in them. This knowledge comes in handy when the land that one wants to buy is at stake. The lawyer will be able to better explain the legal implications of the property, how it came into the hands of the seller, and how the court will rule on the matter.

The guide to buying land in Kenya also needs to have a working knowledge of the different procedures that need to be followed before one can buy property. This involves going to the right places in order to get permits and leases. He should therefore be able to arrange for these before going to Africa. It will make things that much easier for him once he has made an actual purchase, as he will know what has to be done in order to ensure that the land he has bought is legal.

A guide to buying land in Kenya can therefore be helpful but is not everything that one would need. Knowledge of how to get from Nairobi to Mombasa will take time, especially if you plan to visit all of the cities listed in the guide. You also need to have contacts in the business community of the place where you wish to buy property.

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