Best Interlocking Block Making Machine in Kenya

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Whether you’re a building contractor looking for the most efficient building equipment or you’re an aspiring home owner looking for ways to cut down construction costs, you need to keep tabs with the latest in the building industry.

On this page, you’ll learn everything (or rather most of the things) you want to know about interlocking block technology in Kenya.


What are interlocking block making machines?

Interlocking block making machines are equipment that are used in creating interlocking blocks.

The machines have been used in the Kenyan construction industry for the last ten years.

Demand for interlocking block machines keeps increasing, and shall only increase with time.

In fact, some business models are built around the machines only.

For instance, you may buy the machine and specialize in creating stabilized soil interlocking blocks for your use or to sell.

You may also buy interlocking block machine as part of your machine portfolio for hiring out.


What are interlocking blocks?

Interlocking blocks are alternative building materials that are compressed out of interlocking block machines.

The main difference between interlocking blocks and ordinary blocks is their ability to fit into each other and form a joint without using any mortar.

Interlocking bocks have male and female components that just fit into each other to form a perfect joint.


What are the best raw material for making interlocking blocks?

The most common and the most abundant construction raw material is soil (earth).

Other materials used in making interlocking blocks are sand, quarry dust, fly ash and cement.

Water is added to soften the raw materials before compressing them into blocks.

After producing the blocks, you use water as a curing agent to strengthen the blocks.

The blocks are very easy to work with as they just fit into each other.


Manufacturers of Interlocking Block Machines in Kenya

If you need an interlocking block machine, you don’t have to import it from overseas.

There are high quality Kenyan manufacturers that produce and deliver the machines.

Here is the list of some notable manufacturers:

Makiga Engineering Works

Numerical Machining Complex

Okolea Interlocking Block Machine


Types of Interlocking block machines

There are three main types of interlocking block machines: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Manual interlocking block machines

As the name suggests, manual interlocking machines are operated entirely by hand.

People load the raw materials, press the machine, and produce the blocks.

Semi-automatic interlocking block machines

They are manual machines that benefit from diesel-powered compression.

Automatic interlocking block machines

These machines do the mixing, loading and compression of raw materials and and stacking of the finished blocks.


What is the best type of interlocking block machine?

The automatic machine is the best.

It is also the most expensive one.

If you’re starting out, or if you want to make blocks just for your house, it’s advisable to buy the manual interlocking blocks maker.

The automatic one is for building contractors and investors who are in the business of making blocks.

Choose wisely between the manual, semi-automatic and automatic interlocking block making machines.


Pros of interlocking blocks

So, what are the advantages of interlocking blocks?

  • Interlocking blocks look great, you may not need to plaster or paint your house.
  • When created from the right mix of raw materials, they are strong and lighter
  • They are made from locally available materials
  • Interlocking blocks are resistant to earthquakes since they transmit loads better.
  • They offer better insulation from weather. Your house will stay warm when outside is cold, and cold when outside is very hot.
  • Saves time and costs since they use locally available materials and are easy to build with.
  • Easy to use even with unskilled workers


How much are Manual Interlocking Block Making Machines?

The costs range from ~Ksh 65,000 to Ksh 100,000

If you need interlocking blocks, it’s not necessary to buy the machines.

You can contract a reliable company to make blocks for you.

At HighMax Construction Company Ltd., we produce standard interlocking blocks efficiently.


Why you should make blocks with us

We are:

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Available
  • Efficient
  • God-fearing


Do you need interlocking blocks?

Contact us now and let’s produce the best quality interlocking blocks for your house.

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