Real estate developers in Nairobi

In view of the fact that Nairobi, Kenya is one of the hottest cities in Africa, there are many real estate developers in Kenya that have established their businesses and they are profiting from the association of Mombasa with the world. The population in Nairobi is increasing at an alarming rate; thus the builders have to increase their workforce to accommodate the rising population. These builders are offering a variety of properties to their clients which include apartments, villas, condominiums, commercial spaces, shops, and whatever you may need. Nairobi has become a popular destination for both expats and locals from all over the world as they find it to be the hub for business in Kenya. This bustling city offers an array of services to suit every individual and business from internet and IT companies to small family owned stores and restaurants, from the multi-national corporate world, from the domestic market that is flooded by expats and locals, it is all here.

One of the main reasons that the real estate developers in Nairobi have flourished is the high availability of land. This city is well placed in relation to the rest of Kenya as it is right in the heart of the Indian Ocean and Lake Nakuru and bordering the Indian sub-continent states. This means that there is a good connectivity between Nairobi and most parts of the country. The major transport stations include Mombasa International Airport, Kilifi and Kisumu International airport. There are also various seaports in Kenya and it is easy to access any part of the country by sea or air.

Living conditions are pleasant in Nairobi. The weather is perfect almost every day of the year and the climate is moderate that makes it ideal for tourists and visitors. This city offers a great mix of culture from the North and South of the city. There are numerous historic buildings that include Nairobi’s Central Mosque and the beautiful Western Wall. The landscape of the city is very varied which includes hills, grasslands and plains apart from the flatlands and coastal areas.

The major source of income for the real estate developers in Nairobi is the tourism sector. Tourism encompasses all types of activities like visiting Kenya’s Mount Kenya and Watamu National Park, Maasai Mara, Kenyan Beaches, Swimming with the dolphins, bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls, elephant and camel safaris etc. This lucrative sector attracts many visitors from around the globe. They also attract the Diaspora community from other African cities like Delhi, Lagos, Delhi, Mumbai and others.

Most of the real estate developments in Nairobi have links with different institutions offering good employment opportunities to the local people. A typical Nairobi housing society has a high standard of living and has low crime rates. The cost of living in Nairobi is moderately low as compared to other cities in Kenya. The major sights to see in Nairobi are including the National Museum, Central Business District, Fort Jesus memorial, Lake Nakuru & the Zintu Mountains.

If you are looking for a good place to purchase real estate within Kenya, then there are various options available to you. You can either choose from the private properties owned by the developers themselves or you can go for the government endorsed properties. The main areas that have seen major infrastructure developments are Nairobi Town and Mombasa. Nairobi Town is the hub of major commercial activity in the city and offers the best retail mall, hotel and multi-star hotels. Mombasa has various sports facilities like football pitch and golf club.

The private real estate developers in Nairobi are mostly self-employed, but there are some well-established builders who have tied up with large international corporations. The major areas that have seen major infrastructure investments are Zintu and Mombasa. Zintu is a large suburb of Nairobi City and it boasts of both employment opportunities and infrastructure. It is an area where you can live in peace as most of the buildings are made of brick. Another great place to invest is the Mombasa suburbs where you will find wide avenues, multi storey buildings and state-of-the-art hotels.

The private real estate developers in Kenya are usually the ones that have been in business for many years and are experienced. They generally cater to the local market by designing attractive projects that are suitable for the costumer. The real estate developers in Nairobi are responsible for housing the local population as well as catering for the international tourists who come to visit. One of the major players in the industry is the Masai Mara Company which is responsible for housing the Mara’s livestock.

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